Masterclass Culture-Driven Analysis with IONMOON-Geddy van Elburg

Transform Your Marketing with Cultural Insights

Companies who use cultural elements in their international website are quite often more successful than companies who lack any international cultural understanding. Join us at IONMOON for an enlightening workshop led by Geddy van Elburg, an expert in the realm of culture-driven analysis. Delve into the world of cultural dimensions in analytics data and learn how to harness this knowledge for impactful international marketing strategies.

Masterclass Outline:

Cultural Intelligence for the Digital Age

Objective: To provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively integrate culture-driven analysis into their international marketing strategies.

  • In-Depth Learning: Explore the intricacies of culture cluster segmentation and its application in your online marketing.
  • Expert Guidance: Led by Geddy van Elburg, a renowned digital analyst and marketeer with a specialisation in Google Ads and Analytics.
  • Interactive Sessions: Participate in hands-on exercises and real-case scenarios for a practical understanding of cultural dimensions.

Why Attend This Masterclass?

Empower Your Marketing with Cultural Competence

  • Gain insights from a top-level expert in the field of cultural dimensions in analytics.
  • Learn to apply theories of Hofstede, Trompenaars, and Hemmerich in practical marketing scenarios.
  • Enhance your ability to build trust in the earliest stages of the marketing sales funnel through culturally informed strategies.
  • Help your business’ export market grow through cultural understanding of your data.
Introduction to Culture-Driven Marketing

Welcome and Icebreaker Activity

Brief introductions and an interactive activity to highlight cultural diversity.

Overview of Culture-Driven Marketing.

Definition and importance in the global marketplace.

Key Theories and Models.

Brief overview relevant Cultural Frameworks.

Understanding Cultural Dimensions

Deep Dive into Cultural Dimensions

Detailed exploration of various cultural dimensions (e.g., Individualism vs. Collectivism).

Case Studies Analysis

Examining real-life examples of successful and unsuccessful culture-driven marketing campaigns.

Group Discussion

Reflecting on the case studies and sharing insights.

Culture Cluster Segmentation

Concept and Application

How to segment markets based on cultural clusters.

Practical Exercise: Segmenting a Market

Participants work in groups to segment a hypothetical market.

Feedback and Discussion

Groups present their segmentation and receive feedback.

Integrating Culture into Marketing Strategy

Tailoring Marketing Mix to Cultural Insights

Adapting product, price, place, and promotion strategies.

Interactive Workshop: Creating a Culturally Adapted Campaign

Participants design a marketing campaign for a specific cultural cluster.

Presentation and Critique

Presentation of campaigns with peer and facilitator feedback.

Data-Driven Culture Analysis

Utilizing Analytics Tools

Leveraging tools like Google Analytics for cultural insights.

Workshop: Analyzing Cultural Data

 Hands-on session on interpreting and utilizing data for cultural insights.

Discussion on Ethical Considerations

Balancing cultural sensitivity with marketing objectives.

Building an Action Plan

Developing a Culture-Driven Marketing Plan

Guiding participants through the development of a strategic plan.

Group Activity: Drafting an Action Plan

Groups draft a preliminary action plan for their organisation or a case study.

Sharing and Feedback

Groups share their plans and receive constructive feedback.

Conclusion and Next Steps

  Key Takeaways and Recap

 Summarizing the main insights and lessons from the workshop.

 Continuing the Learning Journey

 Resources for further learning and development.

 Closing Remarks and Farewell

Thanking participants and encouraging ongoing engagement with the topic.

Who Should Attend?

  • Marketing Professionals: Seeking to refine their international marketing strategies.
  • Sales professionals: Improve sales results using analytics data.
  • Data Analysts: Interested in incorporating cultural insights into data interpretation.
  • Business Leaders: Looking to expand their global market reach with culturally nuanced marketing.

Workshop Details

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  • Location: tbd

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