We are Ionmoon


Our key strength is combing online marketing strategy with practice. We do this with a dedicated team of marketing experts, partners and creative professionals, to help you grow your business to its full potential. See what we can do for you…

More visibility and growth

More visibility and growth requires a sound strategy. Your company must stand out among the numerous online competitors. Through digital analysis you gain insights into client behaviour and are able to adjust your strategy accordingly. You will get a view of the complete picture and the interrelationships between your various online and offline campaigns. Armed with this knowledge and insight a new strategy can be drafted to include all your marketing efforts.

Multichannel approach

Ionmoon is a digital agency with a holistic vision, which we translate to a multi-channel approach. ( An integrated approach to search engine marketing, social media, email marketing and your offline marketing. ) In short, the perfect combination of online visibility and online branding. All your marketing effort should act in relation to each other. Here we can offer a total package, collaborate with your marketing department or partner with external agencies you might already be working with.

How we work

We assist our clients to help them grow their businesses online. We build long-term relationships and work closely with their directing, managing and sales departments.