Multi Channel Marketing Plan

Multichannel Marketing

To reach your targeted audience you must be visible on the channels where you can connect with your potential clients. You have to get noticed by them on multiple platforms. This might be a smartphone app, banner ad, TV or radio commercial, a billboard, flyers, brochures or an advertisement in a magazine which reaches your targeted audience.

To gain insight on the performance of these online and offline marketing efforts and to ensure that you do not miss your opportunities to enhance your reach, you have to overcome the gap between online and offline channels.

Multi Channel Plan

There is no simple, one-size-fits-all solution to engaging with your target audience. Different channels resonate and impel action with different audiences. Ionmoon helps create and implement a strategic marketing plan that is segmented, targeted, and data-driven. The multichannel strategic plan integrates digital, social media, and mobile channels in addition to print, telephone, and e-mail.

Determine the best mix of channels using Analytics data and developing “persona’s” to identify specific audience-based characteristics and behaviour.

Create segmented online, social media, and mobile strategies


Develop multichannel marketing plan

Many companies lack standardised impact measurements and limited in-house talent and tools to run profitable multichannel campaigns . As a result, efforts are often uncoordinated: competing PPC and SEO campaigns, a banner ad here and a social media campaign there. We help our clients towards a strategic, holistic approach in which all the campaigns are included.