Digital Research

Bespoke solutions

Your Business or organisation business has its own needs, questions and challenges. Therefore we seek further, go beyond your dashboard to gather data by asking questions: What is your history, what is your business strategy, what are your goals? We analyse your current situation before we dive into data to extract actionable insights. And help you to prioritise these actions based on results.

Privacy & Data

Analyses of your data may affect the privacy of your visitors. Since January 2016, a new privacy law has been enforced that goes beyond implementing cookie controls. Are you aware of your risks? We can advice you on safe data gathering.

Conversion optimisation

Improving conversions begins with monitoring, analysing, testing and improving your online presence. This is a continuing process to keep ahead of your competition.


With two-tier segmenting you’ll get more insights in targeted groups; behaviour as well as ROI. Smart segmenting provides more actionable insights to improve your business results.

Dash boarding

Smart dashboards and balanced scorecards keep you on track of your online performance. based on your strategy and KPIs Ionmoon provides bespoke dash boarding.