Content & Design


We design your site to fit your content, easy navigation and mobile friendly. After designing a wireframe (technical drawing) and page structure, we start by drafting the look and feel of your site. Your branding, corporate identity, style-sheets and site functions are taken into account. We are able to design your site from scratch or work by implementing third party designs from your advertising agency.


Content is everything! Content not only dictates structure, it leaves your client with an impression of who you are, and what you are about. The relationship between your various marketing efforts, images and texts convey this message and form an image (impression) of your corporate identity and branding.

Semiotics is the reading of those signs and the interpretation of that message. We read these signs intuitively. Just as we read our world, through gestures, emotions, colour, relations & juxtapositions. Semiotics is used worldwide in all marketing efforts, so what impressions are you giving your clients?

Storytelling Approach

We start by plotting your site structure from your client’s point of view. Plotting content structure into an intuitive journey through your site, helps to avoid unnecessary drop-offs through dead-ends or misdirection’s.

A layered approach helps you to structure primary company information: e.g. who you are, what you do, your products, services, and contact information. The second tier dives deeper into your approach, your portfolio, or specifications. The third tier provides a more in depth company background, blogs, history, and your relation to others – (whom you connect with, and where you place yourself within your market).

Writing for web

Your web texts should be active and engaging and in a style that suits your audience. Active verbs, clear sentences and concise messages allow your clients to know what you are about fast. We offer writing courses for the Dutch market and are able to recommend agencies specialised in writing SEO friendly for web.

Determine the best mix of channels using Analytics data and developing “persona’s” to identify specific audience-based characteristics and behaviour.

Create segmented online, social media, and mobile strategies


Develop multichannel marketing plan